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An instrument dating back to the Inca Empire, this panpipe features eleven reed tubes of graduated length and bound by colorful textiles. Known as a zampoña, this traditional Andean panpipe is handcrafted. There many styles of the zampoña some are six feet long and are played standing on a chair.

This wooden quena is most often called a flute. Crafted by hand, it is a legacy of the Inca, an indispensable instrument in today's traditional Peruvian music.

This charango combines pinewood, walnut wood and congona wood. The ten-string Andean instrument is an version of the European mandolin, originally crafted from the shell of an armadillo.

The beat of Peru's musical traditions is with an elegant cajón drum. Crafted from higuerilla wood featuring two cotton and copper strings that regulate the drum's reverberation. Known as bordoneras, the strings are inside the frontal panel. Literally meaning "box," the cajón is hollow and features a hole on one side. The cajón is now recognized as one of Peru's cultural patrimonies.

This percussion instrument is known as a bombo (drum) in Peru and is often used during magical Andean rituals. Bull hide is stretched over the wood cylinder, while nylon cords tautly adhere the beating surface to the frame. A cotton strap – elaborated in the Cuzco style – is slung over the neck, allowing the musician to strike either end of the drum.

Rocío Dávila Rojas transforms mate gourds into a pair of maracas with a delightful spotted motif. Natural seeds inside make a seductive noise when they are shaken. Selecting the dry gourds according to their shape.

Jaw Bone instrument...
The lower jaw of a donkey, mule or horse has become, thanks to the ingenuity Afroperuano, an effective instrument of percussion. It is held in one hand and the other is the rhythmic beating of the part you are running. The sound of the jaw, produced by the vibration of the wheels of the horse, is amplified in the same bone structure.

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From the jagged-topped Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from the rain forests of the Amazon River to the desert, and from rural villages to modern cities, Peru is a country filled with a great deal of variety. Its long history includes ancient civilizations, original peoples, and Spanish conquistadors. Each facet of Peru supports its own style of music, instruments, and culture.          Here is an example that will surprise you!!
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