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Charles O'Connor
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The colors in the club name reflect the culture and bright colors of Peru. However, Peru is a country of  desert, mountains, and jungle all of witch have their own dress and living style. Also instruments, music, and dance very from region to region. The Llamas and the brightly dressed people are from the mountains and are what  most people see in pictures of Peru. However Peru is much more.

Oh, (FYI) the double (LL), as in llama, in Spanish is pronounced as a (Ya) sound not (L). Like saying" yeah" to someone. So it's  (Ya-ma) with a long a and ending with a short a. So it's (Ya-ma) not Lama with one (L).  

I started this Dulcimer club on a whim and I’m sure it’s the only one in the country but got to start somewhere. My wife and I having lived, for the past five years, moving between Miami and Lima, Peru. In December of 2009 we made the big move and now Peru is home.

Miami has no Dulcimer clubs and if there were any players I never found them. Now in Lima I’m a bit of a mutt. They have no idea what it is. Well as they say, “When in Rome”.  I have no idea how things will work out. I do have a brother in law, Percy Ghilardi, that‘s a member of a rock group from the 70’s called “ Feiser” known in Peru like the Beach Boys are in the US. Percy is considered one of the best guitarists if not the best in the country. We get together from time to time and he has proved to be a lot of help. I have no formal training on the Mountain Dulcimer or any strumming string instrument. I picked it up at a music store, that was going out of business, for $25.00 and it sat around for ten years. In 2005 I saw a performance by Cyndi Lauper, she plays one, so I pulled it out, dusted it off, and started to play. I was hooked. I play the Hammered Dulcimer but due to an injury I put it on the back burner.However, I have recovered and when I can ship it to Peru I will be back at it again. I’m sure it’s going to take some time to get back up to speed. Not a problem as I’m retired now.

Being such an off stream Dulcimer club I included  information on the county and its culture. Covering music, instruments, and dance. It's their folk music. I'm experimenting withe the Dulcimer and how it fits into the music style of Peru. I will publish it when I can under "Sheet Music". It will take some time.

I do go into some detail about the country and it's customs. Being off the beaten track I felt it was necessary. An FYI never hurts and I wish more clubs would do the same for the area they're from.

Strum to the Beat of Your Heart,


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