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Peru is located on the west coast of South America below Ecuador that is bordered to the north by Columbia. The climate of Peru varies quite a bit depending on the region and on the time of year. It lays between 6' s to 18' S. latitudes. To compare Florida is about 30' N. latitude. The cold waters of the Humboldt Current that flows from the southern seas cools the country and greatly effects the weather. Even at 10'  S. latitude summer weather is warm but not hot as found in other areas of the world at that latitude.
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Humidity on the coast produces a sensation of cold, although temperatures rarely dip below 12°C. During the summer the sun beats down and temperatures often top 30°C. The central and southern sections of the coast feature two well-defined seasons: winter from April to October, and summer from November to March. Lima is in central Peru on the coast. The north coast is not touched by the effects of the cold current, which means it enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year and warm temperatures all year-long (as much as 35°C in the summer). The rainy season runs from November to March. Much like Florida, hot!

The coast south of Lima are the Nazca Lines of Peru. A mistery still today.

The coast is a desert (pictures) and rain in Lima is a mist not rain as in the mountains and not often. Seasonal  temperatures  in Lima are similar to central to south Florida less the rain and a cool breeze from the ocean. Temperatures at night fall making for good sleeping weather. For a few weeks in summer a fan is used at night.

The highlands (pictures) are much colder than the coast. A characteristic of the mountain region is the drop in temperature during the night. Temperatures commonly range around 24°C at midday before plunging to -3°C at night.

The jungle (pictures) features high humidity all year long. In the southern jungle, there are sometimes cold spells known locally as friajes or surazos, cold fronts which drift up from the far south of the continent between May and August, where temperatures can drop to 8-12°C. Jungle makes up 60% of Peru.

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