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Music in Peru is as varied as it's people. Music, dress, and dance will change from region to region and town to town. Many times close but always different.

Lima is a large city and the heart of Peru. Many time traditional music and dance are melted together. Unlike the rest of Peru Lima has a more contemporary music style often using folk music and updating it to a more contemporary beat. Instruments such as the Pan Flute and flute are used to play songs such as "Dust in the Wind".

Lima as with all other big cities, around the world, has been influenced by eastern and western music styles. It has filtered into the small towns and villages throughout Peru but they have held on to their traditional music and dance. Lima also has clubs that promote the traditional ways.

USA- Peruvian Music Exchange
Educational Artist in Residence Program & Performance Programs

   "Sample some"        "From the Jungle""Music of the Andies"

Best known song of Peru:El Condor Pasa

     Music of Peru as played in Japan and note the Wan Qui Hammered Dulcimer:
  12 Girls Band

A beautiful song:The sound of Salience Peruvian flute

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